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Hanns Baumann of Baumann Engineering has provided expert witness testimony in dozens of cases going back to the 1980s.  Some cases were settled, others went to trial.  Facts of the case determine the testimony, not the client.  In his role as expert, Baumann has been called on to testify on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.  With nearly fifty years in engineering, Hanns Baumann Engineering was quite possibly practicing engineering during the time frame your structure was built, and knows the standard of care required by the designer's and builders of that time frame, an important element in construction litigation.  Baumann Engineering will research codes, perform calculations, and conduct investigations and testing to determine current conditions and repair methodologies, when requested.  Click here for Hanns U. Baumann, SE curriculum vitae.

Key Benefits

  • Experience to understand the facts of the case
  • Knowledge AND wisdom
  • Fair, impartial, accurate testimony

Reference Accounts

Andrich v. Dewing
ACS v. Pharoan
Kohnke v. Shapell
Dante v. Piazesse

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